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Karl M. —Digital/UI/UX Designer

I'm an experienced Digital/UI/UX Designer who have spent the last 5 years in creating compelling designs, icons, and typography to ensure a clean, on-brand, and pixel-perfect look. Since 2014, I've been actively involved in UI design, user experience, websites, and app development for various companies and products.

Say hello. I love a good challenge.

Email me at karl@fujeedesign.com if you think we can collaborate on a fun and exciting project together!

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Creative Catchup

Creative Catchup is a triannual talk show held at Yoobee School of Design, hosted by The Incubator. The event features participation from design industry experts ranging from social media, videography, branding and packaging to visual effects. My work consisted of poster and its illustration. The illustration was used on social media, Q&A web app, and opening theme animation.

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